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Socialization Training and Vocational Skills Development

Transition​ Training Program, LLC is a meaningful and functional after school program for high school students who are clients of Kern Regional Center. Currently, the age range is most typically 18-30 with younger students in the afternoon session and older students in the morning session. Exceptions can and will be made.

The clients are rewarded monetarily for their time spent “working”. The purpose of this is to help transition and adult aged clients to increase independence through a variety of community and vocational experiences.

Providing a meaningful and functional experience for adults with special needs can and has changed lives.
Whether there is behavior, social/emotional challenge, or the client is generally content, it will benefit them to have a purpose. They want to feel needed. They want to help. TTP will help fill this innate desire in special needs clients…In ALL of US.

TTP will accept most clients of Kern Regional Center including clients with behavioral, social, and emotional challenges.

Years of Experience

Happy Families

Who We Are

We help to prepare students for life after high school with a focus on a vocational experience. We most often take the students into the community and teach them vocational skills.

  • TTP will provide transport to home if needed.
  • Community Integration with General Population
  • Behavior challenges accepted.

Our Promise

We will generally be following the Kern Regional Center holiday calendar. Changes in the program will be communicated to the clients. 

Normal hours for the morning session will be pick up starting at 8 am and drop off starting at 1:30 pm. The afternoon session hours will have to pick up at 1:30 pm and take home starting at 4:30 pm. (There may be a change of hours due to a variety of reasons. Clients and families will be notified well in advance.)

Positive and rewarding experience

Change lives for families

Transportation up to your home

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